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So here it is. This is me. A very humble, simple, and ordinary guy from Indonesia. I live in a city named, Bandung. The most I love in this city is the weather. The temperatue between 20-30 degree Celcius.

I don't have any special skill to show you all. I just very simple man. But I love painting, sculpturing, martial arts, books, musics,and films. I also enjoy outdoors to refreshing.

How old am I? Mmmm..... (*smile*) this year I am 28 years old. Quite old enough,huh? But some people said that older is wiser,right? Well i don't know about how wise am I. I need you all to make a value about that. You all are my mirrors. Because if I use mine... welll, I have only one mirror and that is a magic mirror which only said that I'm the best each time I ask him who the best guy in the world. And I think I bored with his answer.

Well I love to use ICQ even this lates time, ICQ often has trouble with its conection. My UIN is 4474141. Please feel free to beep me via my ICQ. Now, I don't have anything more to fill in my page. And I will stop now, and so you can continue your net surfing. Have a nice time.